Although Amigo news has a very friendly and opened negotiation policy and easy way of handling the advertising needs of any of our dear advertisers; we do recognize and validate the importance and need of mediators, resellers, and agencies used by the companies to negotiate and handle all issues related with their paid advertising.

However and to secure a proper and productive working relationship -as your publisher- we need to establish the following grown rules to prevent misunderstandings and possible interruptions in our beloved process of working in pro of our primary employer.

1.- The Agency/retailers/mediator/reseller, or whichever one is contracting, presenting or representing on behalf of the main company, is, will, and maybe responsible as much as the company to be advertised.

     Explanation: In more than one time, we have ended with unpaid invoices from advertising campaigns wherein the willingness of service and make a dollar, we have finished with the situation of not having one person/company responsible for paying the invoice.


2.- Although we aim to serve and to be of assistance to the communications needs of your client, we - the agency and newspaper- as a team, must prompt time sufficient payment from ads printed.

    Explanation: As with any self-supported business, we depend on payments from our customers to make ours. We are a weekly newspaper, and payments are made at printing time. If other arrangements need to be made, please advise at order time to be able to fulfill your needs. If possible.

We are happy to serve as your Latino Communication Tool, so use us and be sure to come by, call or write if you have any questions or comments.

We welcome your opinions.

Totally yours,

Eddie Garcia / Publisher

Last update 04/28/2020  

 Amigo Newspaper

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