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Online order AD $120.00
 per week and one week posted online

per four weeks / ONE FREE WEEK

Display ad 4 x 3 one month $395.60

Target specifically one, two or more cities from where we deliver newspaper.
Inserting material must be one week before insetting date.
Inserting material in average of 8 by 11 sheet.
Must be pre-approve for content.
Call for more information.

Insertions amount

 CLASSIFIED ADS AT $30 PER WEEK. Or $120.00 for FIVE (5) weeks
How Many weeks ?

 Pay Half of Page
(back Side, Color)
7.75 " x 12 ", 12,000 copies per week
Choose how many weeks
 English to Spanish / Spanish to English
Translation of MP3
Translation of Video
Translation of Documents / Text
 Call for proper quote
 Pay 1/4 of PAGE Ad (6.75" x 10") @ $560.25 / week
+ 2.75 processing charge. Total $575.66 USD
Ad # 4 2” x 4”
(Business Card size)

$ 278.32/month

 Processing charge may be marked as "Tax"